Customized Cashew Turnkey Project

Customized Cashew Turnkey Project in India

The best Customized Cashew Turnkey Project in India is provided by our company. We are providing the complete solution related to this project for more than a decade and have installed more than hundreds of the project plant worldwide.

We believe in providing the best quality service to the clients and the solution related to these Kaju turnkey projects is provided at very affordable price.

Customized Cashew Turnkey Project

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Features of Cashew Turnkey Project

The features of the Customized Cashew Turnkey Project are stated below

  • Option of track is also provided by us
  • Maximum parts of the project plant is the conveyor belt
  • It has a colour based sorter for sorting different cashew kernel which makes the work easier
  • Easy operation
  • High grade machinery
  • Equipped with all kinds of latest technology features
  • Require less maintenance
  • Can be operated for a longer amount of time
  • Consume less power
  • Generate less wastage
  • Highly efficient

Benefits of Cashew Turnkey Project

The benefits of the Customized Cashew Turnkey Project are stated below

  • Can handle any quantity and types of raw cashew effortlessly
  • The entire range of these turnkey projects provided by our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Helps to reduce the labour cost
  • Handle the cashew with extra cares and reduces the damages of cashew kernel
  • It require minimum maintenance, hence helps to saves your extra wealth
  • Helps in providing the un touch grading solution
  • Available in 500 kg, 1 MT – 50 MT capacities which can be chosen as per your requirements
  • Fully automatic project working hence the overall work become easier and require less man power

No matter whether you are situated nationally or internationally if have any requirement related to this Customized Kaju Turnkey Project than Oscar Cashew Tech is the solution for all your requirements right from customization, designing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, etc. inquire or call us for any query or more information.